- A combination of DJ loops and grooves of classic and popular songs combined with live jazz soloists.

Terry Owen & Charles Grassi are DJazz Guys

Ottawa's First and only DJazz Band. Unique and trendy, jazz mixed with RnB & Pop, there's nothing like it!

Who we are

Terry Owen -Saxophone, loops, keys and percussion.
Charles Grassi - Piano, Keys, synths, loops, samples and unbelievable solos.
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What we sound Like

Like a Band, a Jazz band, an RnB Band, a Dance Band. We cater our shows to the audience and perform what they like. If it's a contemporary and classic jazz show we play the appropriate level to the room and the style. We also pump it up and perform street parties and large venues getting the people dancing to songs they know and love. Both Charlie and Terry can sing and they have brought in guest vocalists for larger shows, though the show is predominantly instruments playing the melodies. It's a hit with all audiences.
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  • Slice of Europe here in Ottawa

    DJazz guys can be compared to the european rage of pairing a saxophonist with a DJ. But what we have here is something else entirely. 2 soloists dueling, trading licks, serving up melodies from popular songs, bringing a live element to the concept with the jaw dropping solos of Charles & Terry.
    You have to hear and see this! - Drunk Guy in a Bar